Can Instagram stories be used for Marketing?

Have you ever thought –

Your next Instagram story be replied by –

Hi! I want to buy this product.

Instagram is fun when you share your loved moments and some interesting posts with others. But have you ever thought of using Instagram for your business promotion?

It’s high time and now you should go for it.

Instagram is a great platform to build effective engagement, to promote your brand awareness and drive some convertible traffic to your website.

In this blog, we are going to cover everything relating about Instagram stories for online business promotion and how this tool can help you to create a perfect business image for your targeted audience.

Why Instagram Stories?

A study conveys more than a million users join Instagram every day, they frequently share views and put their personal fun life stories on Instagram. So for a successful business promotional plan, it is necessary that you target the right audience and place a definite strategy to bring them to your business Instagram stories.

After adding the stories feature, the Instagram team also update its feed algorithm to help marketers place their business ideas in between numerous Instagram stories onto a newly developed Explore Page which automatically suggest stories to people even when they don’t follow any account or user.

This means that they will always be located to some projected story by Instagram according to their interest and insights. And the great thing is that with tons of followers moving on to the explore page they will find your business in between and come to you for a purchase.

Instagram is indeed one of the most effective social marketing channel used today, it equally brings prospects and followers to both normal geeks and e-commerce entities.

How to optimize your business Instagram story?

  • Never post to often: Instagram never penalize you for flooding your story wall with more number of stories. Nor too it prioritizes one story over others because each story would last for only 24 hours. It will be an effective approach to put up more and more interesting business stories as if users love to watch them. This strategy will work for some but does not apply to everyone as for each new story a user has to tap all previous stories. This might make the user experience annoying to skip such stories again and again. In short, there is no specified frequency for putting stories but try to keep it within a limit of 10.
  • The right time to post: It is an obvious point to post at times when your prospects are active and respond to your feeds. Once you put up your business Instagram story it will last for only 24 hrs.So, keep your feed up the most appropriate working hours, it is better to post when your users are asleep so that when awake they will look for your stories and you get the maximum engagement the next 24 hrs.
    But for effective immediate engagement, the perfect schedule could be posting when your users are most active.
  • Plan stories to post: Instagram stories provide a good number of tools and filter options to mix up your views with fun and light-hearted content.
    It’s not always necessary to place product description or standardized testimonial videos on your Instagram story wall. Even an enjoyable funny moment at the office or the business party poops is captured in stories for effective engagement and response.
  • Use tempting #hashtag stickers and get discovered: Instagram provides tons of functionalities and helps you make location-based stories to the target audience as per hour preference. You can get your story discovered by putting location or content hashtags.
    Once you hit a good number of followers with such hashtags to your story, Instagram automatically pushes it to the explorer page, to drive some organic traffic to your business.
  • Placing paid business stories: Instagram allows the creation of attractive contests and survey polls for driving engagement, binding new followers and bringing feedback response from people.
    It certainly provides numerous options to place paid business Instagram stories which other than a normal organic story last for more than 24 hours as defined within a budgeted ad plan. Instagram provides an interactive panel for defining the targeted audience, location and various demographic options for each new ad placement.
  • Track Instagram audience and story performance: To help you track the right demographics of your Instagram stories, the Instagram app provides a number of tracking options where you get the most detailed overview of fresh engagements, views, and insights of your promotional campaign.
    To say in conclusion, like email marketing or any other social marketing tool like Facebook or Twitter – Instagram stories is a perfect ad network and a supreme marketing tool online for businesses to pinpoint their business engagement with the right traffic and targeted impressions and conversions.

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