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Life is an eternal journey and we see it as we are directed to see it. It is a fact which cannot be explained so easily either spiritually nor scientifically. We see things in different perspective and other creatures see them in other. This theory is even proved by scientists who work with different creatures – animals , birds and living beings. Similarly , it is a prospective that we see God – the creator in many forms , but is Brahma – the creator so easy to understand or talk about ? Brahma is the creator of this world that we see and praise about. Even the Lords who manifested themselves were always found praying Brahma. They have included His name in their preaching , Hymns , verses and sayings. Hindu Spiritual World revolves around Brahma , Brahma-mahurat , Brahmalok , Brahmaand , Brhmayuga and BrhamNaad.

Brahma cannot be explained so easily neither in words nor in verses. And having any expectation to have any knowledge in this writing is simpley void.