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For a professional working content strategy, many organizations tactically implement a posted policy of filling the website content by lining an editorial calendar of the same niche. They post all according to their competitors or big data-driven websites. But a majority of such sites fail to plan and implement a systematic working content strategy and make incredibly wasteful expenditure looking at content strategies of others. They fail in the ability to generalize a good strategy that is competent enough to meet their business objectives.

In general words, an effective content strategy is one which makes the right content available when, where and how the user and the reader requires. If the content and the overall expected belief of audience do not match with what the business is offering and delivering, it will never help to achieve the goals of the business of either.

Our Approach

SS BIZAD, for strategic content always believes that an informed decision and the receipt of cooperation from the client are always good. We at priority believe that none of our strategies be crafted without the ground support of user and goals of the ecosystem so designed.

When we work on a content strategy, we process the need from all sides taking in where the use of information can be made? Why and how the information can be searched for? We begin our content strategy by first analyzing the current situation and by studying the facts of the top leading players, the main goal of which comes to understanding what type and forms of content at present exist on the web and how different and unique our content should be.

To sum up, the basics, what we have in our content strategy formation process is an analysis of:

  • Content inventory: The journey of content inventory formation starts when we understand the territory of a niche to be covered. Certain goals like knowing the type of content existing, the format of content, how it is managed or stored and how the business workflow is. This detailed analysis helps to know the content loopholes to be filled and the groundwork needed for reaching a success-oriented content layout.
  • Content Audit: On sourcing all content files and the subjects so cataloged, our experts process a complete content audit of the website to break down facts relevant and irrelevant for search engines and users. In this we take the qualitative aspect of content whether the content so added to website pages reflects the brand of the venture, meet the conversion rate required, engage user/reader to tasks of the website, is informative or not etc.
  • Filling of Gaps: After making all analysis required we make up an improvement summary and the gap analysis report required for knowing the state of content missing and irrelevant placement of content on the website.
  • Briefing a Definite Strategic Approach: Pulling altogether after thorough analysis we create a strategy which is necessary to bring the brand up – this might include revising the current content, removal of irrelevant content, the addition of fresh and crispy content, which goes in a continuous process through life engagement of us with our client.

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