Email Marketing V/S Social Marketing: Who’s going to win?

This needs only a moment to think the difference. Think like a detective.
If you observe, where do you spend much of your time online today –
Is it in your mailbox, scrolling down referral emails, crafting email list, designing email campaign content.
Writing status updates, replying to comments, attending text inquiries, managing ads on social media.
If you think a majority of your time stakes on social media and leaves no time for your email list, then probably you are a mistake for your costly engagements. However, if you are on the other side, spending all your time for email hook-ups than preferring social media, then you can self-assess yourself for losing some logical conversions.
Mark these words, yes you are at some loss if you get stuck on any single source for engagement

Thumbs up for email: Great stat[Here stats means statistics of email we get, not status ]s, users, open rates and conversions

This is what we realized to put before you while thinking of perspective of emails over social media
– There are always 3x more accounts on email than what we have on Facebook and Twitter combined.
– The number of fans your actually get organically from social media, counts only to 6% while on the contrary email marketing brings out 20 – 30% repetitive visits.
– Your message is 5x more inclined to be seen through email than Facebook and That’s a fact!
– Click through rate as generally observed is in the 3-4% range while on Twitter it ranges to 0.5 to 1%. This implies traffic is 6x more inclined to emails than some pleasant tweets on twitter.

But it is less demanding to be on social media than building a long email list.

While it is clear that email has a reasonable commitment and a much better response rate than social media. But what fascinated us more about the social setup is the lead time, which moves supersonically, as you can be followed, liked or disliked in seconds as compared to seeking acceptance for a mail from someone.
Like email building seems quite competitive in numbers, social media has much more in addition to giving:
– a simple way to look out what’s your competitor is up to, is to simply log in and follow them from behind.
– it’s simple to look out for like-minded people on social media who can bring out positivity to your business image online, just in exchange for some shares and valuable comments.
– In general, about 71% of consumers on social media prefer to recommend their liked preferences of a brand to others.
– Total link clicks accounts for 92% of all interactions on Twitter which gives you the strongest and the easiest chance to gain site views.
– About 90% of our younger generation is on Instagram.

To Sum Up/ Conclusion/ In Brief/ All in All. Change it.

We’re not saying that you should give up the one or the other. What we’re saying is just find a channel which could worth your more time and money to be realized from your each marketing campaign.
It is certain that after above comparison you may find email as a channel worth monitoring for conversions – but hey, we’re still not biased here.
Give a big shot to your next marketing campaign with SSBIZAD We too want to know what’s in your taste – social media or email? Let’s pin down some effective comments on this in the comment section.