Essentials that your contact page should have

Do you know your contact us page receives more than 60% of the normal page views that you get on any other page?

Yes! It’s true. It is observed especially for service domains and contracted websites.

Many sites after long research and thoughtful procedure dedicate a well interactive contact us page for their website, as for them it is the beginning of a strong relationship with their clients.

A well-directed contact us page directs visitors to a place where they can find answers to all their questions and can significantly improve their experience with the website. So, we are here to provide you with some effective tips on how to make your contact us page more useful and effective for your target audience.

Some Quick Tips

  • Simple plus expressive: Never put too many barriers like popup notification, offer wall or something which can irritate your viewer before he reaches the contact us page link. Be expressive in words to describe your business specialties and keep your contact us page simple, short and sweet.
  • Take What Is Needed: Putting up long sophisticated contact form generally irritates visitors and major form fields turn them off. Make sure that you only insist them to get in touch with you with only a few details. If a form is needed then ask for essentials only like name, email address, and contact number.
  • Make it more pleasing: When a user visits your contact us page it should look gorgeous and start initiate to develop a relationship with the visitor on opening. Let them get a decent impression of your business. Keep in mind to put all relevant facts that can excite your visitors to contact you.
  • Show off the way you do: Users who visit your contact us page are always up to know more and more about you. Think, how a brand can specify itself to its prospects. Plan your audience and come up with a fun loving and comic tone for your contact us page.
  • Think before you finalize: The final copy of your contact us page should be well friendly and welcoming. It should have easy navigation, translation options for multi-location opening and high-quality design.

Page Essentials

It doesn’t matter to what category your business belongs to, it should have the minimum following elements:

  • Business logo or name
  • Physical Address
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Feedback options

  1. Page name and appearance: Never try to make your contact us page too fancy. Never opt for a unique page name as it will confuse your visitor and a confused visitor means lost conversion.
  2. Multiple contact options: What if your user not able to find the single contact number you provided? Solution – Try to add as many professional contact options as you can keeping in team contact options, email or social links.
  3. Be constant to update: Keep your users updated about your changed contact options. Whenever you change just to make sure the change gets effective on the contact us page too.
  4. Provide confirmation: Never leave your user unattended if he has submitted his query on your contact page. Don’t keep them guessing – let them know that you have received their request to contact back with a popup or a delighted message in return.
  5. Place quality captcha: Never get spammed by fake visitors trying to spam you with fake messages through bots or software. Always use high-quality captcha for users in real to contact you.
  6. Provide essential links and information: The information you should include on your contact us page should confirm what type of business you do and such links or information should relate to your services directly or indirectly.
  7. Call to action: Make sure you get clear to your prospects and call them for action. Try to flow your traffic with extraneous information and let them identify what are your main goals to achieve with them.

Your contact us page should easily strike your customer’s eyes and should easily provide them your business perspective.

Try to avoid long forms and do what other top contact pages do – as we did with our contact us page. See here