How can Twitter help in marketing / Channelling twitter for marketing?

Have you ever tried Twitter for your social marketing campaign?
Have you dropped it for some other social strategy?

Well! In any case – you will lose one or other crucial engagement if you failed to capture the most preferred marketing option after the social giant Facebook i.e. Twitter.

It solely depends on your efforts how you leverage the most popular 140 character social media to drive traffic to your business set up online. At present more than a billion users use twitter every day to socialize their brands, products, and services. If you are looking for a power pack marketing tool which does not require much effort and time – building long posts and then sharing them individually on different social media then you can opt for Twitter as a perfect marketing option for your business.

Looking at industry insights, Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging tools which connect billions of users with short disconnected messages and fascinating hashtags. Twitter has a dedicated reach throughout the globe and trends up to the most searched keywords and business ideas.

However, it’s also been surveyed that marketing through this social media platform for people who are new, is very much difficult as they find it impossible to disseminate the right keywords for their business tweet update to fit in the 140 characters limit.

In this, an article we’ll look up in brief – the major Twitter conversion possibilities and ways of optimizing Twitter account for organic business marketing online.

Why Twitter?

As a marketing platform, Twitter can:
# Drive huge traffic to your web pages
# Create an integrated contact network for B2B, B2C, and other e-commerce channels
# Socialise your business products, thoughts, and events.
# Communicate your brand
# Boost up your SEO efforts
# Boost conversion rates and engagements
# Improves site authority

With each new benefit discovered each day, the list never ends …

How to optimize?

Twitter is one of the biggest phenomena of the business world online. It gives every business individually, a unique opportunity to instantly tweak his promotional strategies according to reactions of customers. Some effective ways you can optimize your business performance with Twitter shall include:

  • Optimizing Twitter identity: Make sure the commercial identity and your content placed over your business twitter account brands your entity well. This means your account profile should have all required bio links of people associated with business and a link to your website – to keep it simple for people to understand your agenda’s and offerings.
  • Finding the right followers and influencers to speed up the social process: Try to be in touch, highlight prospects and make time-bound addresses to like-minded people through your posts. Have them in your follower list and engage with daily. Build relationships and look for opportunities to collaborate with them.
  • Being constant to post: Just be sure that you post consistently and blow the mind of your followers each time you post a new tweet. Look for industry feeds, share only relevant tweets and try to build social trust with leaders accordingly.
  • Tracking mentions and respond each time you feel connected: Monitor conversations, track brand mentions, keyword tags, and customer product queries /complaints and jump to a conversation with them when you feel appropriate. Never be afraid to ask your followers to re-tweet, mention or put forward your recent tweets.
  • Posting timely offers, discounts, and contests for your followers: Followers will engage and share your tweets when they feel benefitted by your new product offers and discounts for such activities. Try to organize contest like ‘First 50 re-tweets would be given a 50% price off coupon’ or ‘post pictures of your top followers’. Try to target your business audience with promoted offer tweets and make sure the post doesn’t last for too long.
  • Integrating Twitter with other marketing efforts and use analytics to segment your audience: Let your email subscribers and facebook followers know what you have just posted, which personality mentioned you on twitter. Look frequently to your Twitter analytics dashboard to know which audience and time schedule, worked for you the best for posting. The more you are favored to your business demographics the more followers you get to your twitter account.Twitter is limitless when you choose it as a subsidiary marketing option for your other promotional tools. It is always recommended that you use this tool with some appropriate integration with some other SMM or SEO technique. Make sure, you use Twitter properly to promote your business and do not get spammed by its organic filters.

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