Know What Advertising on Pinterest is ?

Pinterest, a platform having more than 100 million active users is among the most popular social networks on the web.
As the name suggests, Pinterest enables you to pin up your interest post on the platform bulletin and letting others to see and share it as they like.
What else makes this rapidly growing platform more attractive is its new advertising add-on, where you compete others with the lowest cost of advertisement and mass up your business reach. This platform is now capable to serve every content strategist or we say every social marketer to socialize their e-projects with numerous features and possibilities.

So, How Pinterest Works?

Unlike a chat based social media platform, Pinterest serves as a bulletin or a bookmarking place in-itself to Pinup whatever you like on web for later references or usage.
About 90% of people at this platform look for ‘What others have bookmarked and analyzed the shopping trends ‘.

While most of them reported the platform as  a ruling guide to receive advice before making a purchase.

What General Insights of Pinterest Says?

Before placing an ad campaign with Pinterest, you should know the target audience to whom your campaign should reach too.
As a report, in general, says ‘ Audience on Pinterest is well fragmented and diversified as per interest cultures.
Also, PINs here can be made too engaging as per user behavior.
This would clearly mean, if you go with some campaign without having a focused market audience on Pinterest you might end up bearing huge losses and wasteful ad campaigns.
To know acquisitions, you look for insights from different analytic pages of different social accounts like facebook page insights, twitter analytics etc. Also, if you have a well-built bulletin on Pinterest then let Pinterest decide for you the right audience which you can too know my moving to the insights dashboard at

Difficult to decide the target audience?
Dropping conversion rates?
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Success Advertising on Pinterest - Quick Tips

Pinterest is all an image-based social platform. If you want to succeed and supersede at this platform you have to ensure that you come up the most engaging and arguable imagery.
What else you should know:

  • Stick to high-quality images: Images with a dull backgroundand a misguided concept never interest a user for engagement. Such Images are to be placed which can govern a new business engagement than simply raising business awareness.
  • Images for product description should be made with a personal touch other than presenting them as a user-generated image. Add quirkiness and unexpected elements to attract users.
  • Entice it and make it seem like- a user will get some benefit on opening the P
  • Showcase alternatives to a single related image. Pinterest occupies diversified user base, having different taste and demographics thus it would be effective to present your product variations in various artistic ways to grab user attention.
  • A PIN which overlays images specifying for a ‘job done’ have great chances of opening. For example: Using text layers on imagesshout bars etc to visualize the performance of a task.
  • About 80% images, lacks device responsiveness. An ideal dimension for the mobile-friendly pin would be a vertical image with an aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 with a minimum width of 600px.
  • For assure drive engagement, focus on putting the right PIN description as per image perspective and attributes. Look for description and writein a way as like you want some action to be done by the viewer. For instance, ‘Sam paid for the plan — After knowing everything — This is what he did next’.
  • State the benefit in clear why the user should look for the PIN, make a benefit description of the PIN thinking “Why would I need this “.
  • Know Rich Pins: RichPins, take the user Pin experience to a next level. Pinterest offers multiple rich pin formats specifying Place pins, article pins, app pins etc. All based on different niche based websites.

Knowing the initials

  • At Pinterest, if you got to choose ‘Boost engagement with Pinsfeatureyou’ll get to pay when each new user engage to your pin. The other most preferred option you get on Pinterest is ‘Get traffic to a website is when you pay a visitor directs to your website from the Pin.
  • Specify keywords in ‘Terms’ which are related to PIN you want to share. This requires around 20 to 30 related terms.
  • Specify the demographics for the campaign starting in ‘ Location, Language, Device, and Target Gender ‘.
  • Pinterest on PIN promotion suggest you the most appropriate bid to place with your campaign as per competitivesuggestions, and it is highly recommended that you stick to such proposed bid and not think of undercutting it.
  • Specify the most attractive yet user benefit raising description as stated earlier and the “Destination URL” for the target page.
  • Track conversions and look for time engagement of a user in the PIN in “Conversion Tracking “.

So, Pinterest can never be underestimated while fixing up a content marketing plan .It is a self-service platform, which needs an experiment over time-bound campaigns for success and realizable engagements.
If you feel you know something more about Pinterest for promotion feel free to share…
We’ll love to hear your PIN experience.