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There are always the number of mobile devices in the world than the number of people we have‘

Promotion is no more limited to showcase a charity project today! With a trend flow of competition and technology, we have left overall traditional concepts of business promotion and with each passing day, it’s all diversifying.

We are on the fastest growing mobile platforms now! What goes today is reaching out the clients on their mobile devices to draw up their attention to upcoming business activities, product, and services. Called by some social media experts, an effectively working promotional strategy is in demand for every entity today.

SMS Services can make a good impact on prospective clients of any business, as it is the only marketing concept which can deliver the most prompt information to the user at their trusted source of information i.e their personal mobile device. It guarantees upto to 85% of opening of your message sent and they do open it well in time.

Also, out of all promotional options, a study says consumer too wants to receive messages of great offers and services from businesses.

SSBiZAD provides you a dedicated service experience in the field of SMS marketing. We help you to be in regular touch with your clients through our dedicated SMS delivering servers and applications.

We are a bunch of marketers working to build effective solutions which are bound to deliver timely results and deliveries.

Depending on the nature of your messaging campaign we will build a specific SMS marketing strategy and will take care of all the insights required for the plan.

In numerous situations, we have realized SMS  options have the most minimum lead time and communication which gives no extra time to the business to deliver solutions. So to keep you more prompt to requested problems of client we’ll serve you with most ready server replying options with which you will be able to honor the requested queries of your clients more firmly.

SSBiZAD works on a targeted traffic approach where the user of our service gets exceptional freedom to choose the data required for their SMS marketing campaign. Even if it is about choosing a lakh out of crores our work policy has never changed.

As normally specified, 160 characters is the limit for the dissemination of information through SMS, but in that too our team holds the potential of making the most expressive content which has never failed.

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