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Chances for lead generation increases when you get an instant option for making interaction with your present and potential clients. Social media always gives your business an ability to interact with your clients in a comfortable setup. When we think of social media as a medium of exchange of information then we too consider the top social platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube etc. These platforms are vital for engagement of people online, for sharing and getting the latest information which a simple blog post or a website can’t do. In reality, people are using these platforms every single day. And they use them not just once per day, but multiple times. People check, check, and check again.

Social media is a powerful platform to scale up your brand impression and to set up an easy flowing connection with the customers. Establishing a good social media presence is very essential nowadays, especially for the customer-driven enterprises and organizations. Social media is too huge as to take up your business perspective your strategy for the same must be updated as per the latest norms of the platform being used and shall, in any case, be media friendly. It should hold a magnetic effect to pull eyes of visitors.

Remember: Social media platforms are businesses.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every single other social media space wants to make money from you by their multiple offerings for business promotion.

You have to watch out and measure your own efforts to see what works and what doesn’t. Social is becoming more ‘pay to play’.

SS BiZAD- single stand to optimize all your social media requirements

  • Social media marketing strategy: Aren’t you sure of what social media strategy can work for your business? What promotional activities could be done in social media in your expected budget? Team SS BiZad is inclined to work on client specific budgets and result in oriented approach. We are focused to bring long-term media success to the ventures. On the strategic front, social media marketing includes the management of a marketing campaign, governance, setting the scope (e.g. more active or passive use) and the establishment of a desired social media “culture” and “tone.”
  • Strategy Implementation and Guidance: If the client is confident on a predefined strategy or wants to take hold of social media but needs navigation and suggestion services from our experts, in such cases also we push our business limits off the boundaries. We help you guide on all the best social media optimization tools out of hundreds of tools available online. Having a multi-dimensional industry work experience we make sure that your brand integrity is duly upheld with all leading social mediums for better future business communications and promotion.
  • Social Audit and Competitive Analysis: Once we analyze your websites presence across multi social platforms, our social experts shift their ways to the creation of the optimum social media strategy for your business. Targeting the right platform, the right audience, the right content would be some beginning steps of our social strategy formation process. Our competitive analysis will definitely help you analyze How’s your competition is doing an incredible job socially? We’ll compare and blend the ways used by them to our social plans to bring out more conversion rate for you.
  • Social Blogging and Community Building: We will help you understand and test the top social platforms to know where people are talking about you and where you are making the wasteful investment. Creation of interactive badges, recognition and link building associations online is all that we can also take care of. Social blogging is an art of presenting the most attractive content to blow eyes of current and potential readers. Our social media experts crafts the most resulting strategies while taking care of the community in social engagements.

We’ll help you know which communities are worth monitoring and how competition is doing from such communities. A strategy document from us will definitely bring a relief to your social worries.

We always put a distinctive result-oriented approach and strive to provide a positive reputation online to you and your entity. For customized SMM quotations drop us an email at

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