The Perfect landing Pages- Free Checklist

Do you see something common in a hockey match and a landing page conversion?
No, it’s not the goal; it’s about how you reach the goal.
You can never be so perfect to specify your business goals, which is also the same situation for the setup of your first landing page. It’s very easy to forget something which is required essential for a landing page campaign.

You too forgot something?

A digital agency never does such mistakes.
Because it’s not just a page of your website but a part of your business which can either make you competitive or can lose you the most valuable conversions.
Sometimes  bit confusion brings out a big conversion, this is what suggests developers copy landing pages today. One of the best ways to have yourself in safe space of your landing page is putting a tick and cross over a checklist which you can prepare before finalizing the layout of your landing page one for the audience.
In this way, you can optimize all the Essentials before and can move to your merrier way.
Keep on reading we’ll provide you with a simplified checklist to streamline your landing page design process. This is not going to be easy, as we have covered all eessential elements in this post.
We have breakthrough these essentials so that you can have a look at them before you hit publish.
Here you will also get some points probably very specific to your business goals which you need to double check as well.

Here’s a quick landing page optimizing checklist for you.

– Equip headline with action-oriented words enticing people to follow what is being directed like ‘Reserve Your Seat for Our Upcoming Webinar. Absolutely Free!
– Be sure headline matches the content specified on the referring source, so the user shall not fall of expectations on reaching the landing page.
– A subheading to be used, concisely defining benefits of the offer made by the headline. For example:

Headline: SEO: Know tactics of Industry

Subheading: Learn all traffic engagement, conversion optimization and reputation building tactics for free.

– ensure that content lights up the uniqueness of business.
– explain why you are offering a giveaway (Do you know how to plan a perfect giveaway?)
 – Keep the body of content as concise as possible. Make use of bullet points, vibrant text colors to eye catch your page views.
– keep up the branding of your business at priority and list all solutions  provided.
– involve reader by expressing each opinion by using you, you’re then using I, we or they.
– see your page gives a short overview of the services you provide.
– take up a blink eye test and look for the page content again and again for improvements.
– use a theme which matches the content and design of the ad placed for direction. It should be similar to the theme of the ad placed for the promotion of the landing page.
– try to minimize the content of the navigation menu. It is advised to have no navigation menu. This will surely improve your conversion rates.
– Cross-check the layout so finalized for responsiveness to major device platforms. Double check page navigation working in different devices and the readability of content.
– make use of an introductory video giving a short brief about the project or offer made.
– make use of light boxes to highlight crucial information to be shared. Ex: ‘Giftcard Giveaway for Newbees Next Weekend ‘.
– brush up your SEO skills and use legible page title, short URLs, and optimize Meta description (prescriptive under 70 words) for search engines.
– add a subtle or an obvious clause to your landing page which will target user for CTA.
– use compelling images that outreach your page objectives and brings out a positive vibe of the offer made.
– use only high-quality images.
– look for concise and context targeted “alt-text” for all images. If images redirected to some other links, re-check working of URL direction.
– Your conversion form should never be too short and should never be too long it should be up to mark your objectives.

You to hate filling long e-forms. Right!

–  never specify your call to action button to generic words like submit/ click now, but make them desired action oriented like receive your e-book for free, Do it now!
– look for short conversions you can get other than just filling out the offer form. For example: by popping out an email subscription form, a short feedback request.
– enable a kickback mail of your page response to the user, so that the user can back up the page credentials to other devices or to their desktop computers.
– get a 5-second test of your landing page so finalized and analyze for improvements possible.
– do offer multiple contact options (live chat, email, contact)
– let the viewer know your certifications and testimonial reviews.
– ensure you direct to CTA with big attractive, vibrant graphical arrows or finger points.
– see that you include your privacy policy link next to the email field.
– bring involvement of the user and incentivize referrals to the page.

So, what’s left?

Anything else we can add to this checklist does share with your valuable feedback comments below and show us how great marketer you are.
Pump up your web traffic. We’ll help you do it organically.