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Messenger apps have the most eye-catching aspect of social media. At present, all marketers rely on the most engaging social communities of the world – being Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc to socialize their spotted ventures.

What we get as a resultant response from these platforms is the growing preference of marketed brands by active users. These endlessly growing social platforms has made businesses capable, to reach out their customer preferences without actually leaving their premises.

This has immensely improved client engagement for the growing business world.

What new this social industry has got in the last few years is the growing market of the most lucrative marketing medium ‘Whatsapp’. Having more than 1 billion active users, Whatsapp has made peer to peer messaging much effective through all mobile devices for its users.

As a user, you can add contacts, send messages, share videos, audio clips, important documents to world boundaries without making any payment to the company. Also, as a marketer, you can choose your own ways to generate traffic through Whatsapp.

Create groups, surveys, broadcasts, deliver product/service information, send video testimonials, feature business plans etc. In short, there is a lot to do on this social medium.

Majority of social platforms today allows you to target your preferred audience by reaching them through their advertising options for which you get charged for every user engagement. But at Whatsapp, you don’t sell advertisement. You get a personal call and an opportunity to sell your product directly to the user.

With highly customized Whatsapp Marketing options, SSBiZAD provides a well-rated platform for promoting your business product and policies putting a favorable business impression directly onto the mobile device of the customer. Our key Whatsapp Marketing strategy ensure guaranteed and successful delivery of your quoted audio, video, text, documented messages within the most minimum timeframe.

Why you need Whatsapp for your business ?

  • To know insights and design campaigns with a personal touch:Brand image is yet not enough to engage customer for the buying process. The key to stand out with sale conversion can only be done with brand personalization too with a human touch. SSBiZAD using Whatsapp as the sole marketing medium help to implement the most resulting promotional strategies, bringing an interactive element to your business. We personally look at your business insights and develop campaigns which scale your business services to top within your limited budget.
  • To bring out conversion with incentives:Whatsapp may become an invaluable tool if the promotional strategy so implemented gives no incentive to the customer to share their contacts with you. SSBiZAD looks at all fun and interactive incentive schemes which can create a buzz in your target audience about your brand.
  • To offer advice and bring high-value customers to business :‘Ting… Please provide me complete price quotation for this product series! ‘ Once you get such queries from your clients, the next step comes of you to respond them with the most informative and useful advice. Whatsapp can also bring the conversation of clients for policy agreements and upcoming events. SSBiZAD looks at all aspects of automated messaging, pre-quoted advice delivery and various similar options to process client interaction more speedily.
  • To deliver all-new attractive campaigns for different occasions :Customers would love to feel special of their importance if kept in regular touch with the activities of the business. Whatsapp brings a potential to exclusively bring loyal clients to business by taking in their suggestive feedbacks and by making a sale conversion out of new campaigns. SSBiZAD looks at all occasional plans of business to engage client support in business activities, it also lights up business offers and capabilities with the most expressive content.

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